Insight is about empowering you and your family with knowledge and skills to manage anxiety. Insight allows you to access support and strategies when you need it.

Supporting your family’s mental wellness can be tough. Everyone needs support that’s tailored to their needs. With this in mind, we at Insight developed tailored, separate platforms for parents, children and teens. These platforms have varied content based on your child’s needs and age. This allows everyone to develop a personalized path that works for them.

As a team of Psychologists working in our own clinic, we know what issues families are facing. We release new content regularly to keep up to date with these issues. This also ensures our tools and exercises are up to date with contemporary research.

Parent Platform

Children of parents who use emotion coaching strategies are often better regulated, more resilient, achieve in school, and get on better with peers.

You are the best resource your child has in managing their emotions and psychological well-being. We want to make sure you know what to do and how to do it.

Guided Relaxation

Our guided relaxation exercises include ‘parenting specific’ ones to soothe the parent self, as well as soothing tools for everyday stressors.

If you don’t like background music in your meditations or relaxation exercises, simply mute it and listen without.

Build your skills

Insight has a large library of podcasts designed to develop your confidence and skills as a parent, as well as to help you manage when things get tough. We aim to develop skills such as emotional literacy, regulation, communication, and problem solving. These have been proven to help in promoting resiliency, empathy, positive relationships, and psychological well-being

Save your favourites

You can tailor Insight by saving your favorite exercises and podcasts, making them easily accessible when you need them.


Teen Platform

Break the cycle

Learn how to recognise unhelpful patterns in thoughts and behaviour. Build new skills so you can adopt more helpful responses to difficult emotions like stress and anxiety.

Face challenges

We’ve developed audio and visual relaxation exercises and meditations specific to your needs and the different challenges you face.

Save your favourites

Once you’ve done your research, you can make Insight more about what works for you. Save your favorite exercises and podcasts, making them easily accessible when you need them most.

We’ve tailored Insight for older and younger teens so you can access separate podcasts that relate to your life and stressors.

Our podcasts are full of accessible information to help you better understand your mood, your brain and stress.

Insight Kids

We want children to understand big feelings. Insight Kids tailors content to children’s age group

This means the stories they hear and read will connect with them and best support their learning.

Find their brave

Children learn through play and practice. With Insight Kids children learn how to use self-soothing skills through games and videos. Use the Brave diary to record all the times they faced a challenge. This helps them remember these times the next time they’re feeling upset, angry, or scared, so they can find their brave!

Manage Worry

To stop small worries becoming bigger, Insight Kids can put them in the Worry Jar or tear them up.


When they’ve found what works best for them, Insight Kids can save their favourite tools and stories to their toolbox so these are ready when they need them.

Premium Content

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