Insight is made up of a team of practising Clinical and Educational Psychologists. We work in a multidisciplinary centre in the small town of Portmarnock in Dublin, Ireland

We work with lots of families and individuals to provide support using evidence-based approaches. Many of the families we work with experience a lot of anxiety, stress, frustrations, and challenges they’re unsure how to face. Everyone experiences difficult emotions sometimes. This is an important aspect of life. However, worries and frustrations can get bigger and impact on our lives and our children’s lives too.


Parenting can be stressful and is often plagued by self-doubt. Often, our role as clinicians is to support parents in their journey, to help them develop self-compassion and feel ‘okay’ even when they fear they have ‘got it wrong’.

Parenting a child who is experiencing anxiety, stress, anger, and other big emotions can be difficult. Parents are vital in the management of these emotions. While we don’t cause our children’s big emotions (there are often many factors at work), there are absolutely things we can do to help prevent small worries upsets and frustrations from becoming bigger.

Different parental responses to children’s emotions can facilitate coping, develop emotional literacy, and up-skill our children so they cope better in the future.

Accessible Support

Insight is grounded in empathy, compassion, and understanding. We wanted to provide families with accessible support and guidance, which is available to them when they need it most.

Through the use of psychoeducation, skills teaching, guided meditations and exercises, we hope our users develop their confidence and master skills that work for them.


We wanted to up-skill and support parents to better understand their children’s behaviours and emotions and to include tools which promote healthy responses to these emotions.

It was also important to us that the whole family was provided support, with content specifically tailored to meet their varying needs. This was something we hadn’t seen in other apps, and led us to embark on the journey of Insight.


Proven Techniques

We believe in what we’ve built. Not only is there research evidence supporting the effectiveness of these approaches, but we’ve seen them work for families in our practice. Through the use of Insight, we hope that the whole family will feel they have the appropriate tools and strategies within their reach.

Our app is unique as it is one of the few parenting and whole-family support apps developed in Ireland.
We’re proud of what we have built and we hope you find it useful.

The Insight Team

Dr Stacey Ball

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Stacey, completed her BSc in Liverpool John Moores University, before moving to Dublin and completing her MSc in Trinity college and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in the University of Limerick.

Dr Stacey is passionate about supporting families in the management of stress and anxiety. She believes in empowering families by developing insight and knowledge, allowing them to adopt healthier ways of responding to emotions.

Dr Blaithin Lally

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Bláithín completed her BA at University College Dublin before completing her MSc in Applied Psychology and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Trinity College.

Dr. Bláithín believes in using a combination of creativity, play, and different models of behavioural and talking therapies. She draws on models such as compassion focussed therapy, schema work, cognitive behavioural therapy, and mindfulness-based approaches to aid clients learn how to best support themselves, and move toward their goals.

Dr Yasmin Ward Khan

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Yasmin completed her BA at NUI Maynooth before completing her MSc in Applied Psychology and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Trinity College Dublin.

Dr Yasmin is interested in the integration of a variety of evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness, compassion focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and family systemic therapy. She is passionate about supporting families to improve communication and build emotional literacy.

Dr. Meghan Slattery

Educational Psychologist

Dr. Meghan completed a B.A in Psychology and MSc in Psychological Science at the University of Limerick, before completing her Doctorate in Educational Psychology at University College Dublin.

Dr. Meghan uses a range of therapeutic approaches to work collaboratively with children, young people and families to understand their strengths and challenges, and to promote resilience, wellbeing and growth.

Shauna Redmond

Associate Psychologist

Shauna completed her BA level 8 Degree in Psychology at Dublin Business School and has an accompanying level 7 Degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from IICP Education and Training. Shana also has a background in early childhood development.

Shauna is passionate about supporting people to make meaningful changes in their lives through a compassionate and person-centred lens.

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