Insight is about empowering you and your family with knowledge and skills to manage big emotions, develop self-compassion and improve overall wellbeing.

Insight: For Stress & Anxiety is the only app designed to support parents through the everyday stressors of parenting. We also equip parents to develop resilience, self-compassion coping skills, and emotional literacy in themselves and their children.

Insight: For Stress & Anxiety is backed by years of neuroscience and psychological literature. Research shows that children of parents who use the strategies taught by Insight are more resilient, perform better in school, have fewer behavioural difficulties and better social skills.

Key Features of Parent Platform:

Soothing exercises designed by insights team of practicing clinical and educational psychologists to soothe common stressors and anxieties in the moment for example; parenting specific worries such as: parent guilt, frustration or loss of compassion for our children etc, as well everyday stressors. Tools also designed to develop self-compassion and kindness in parenting.
Regularly updated library with evidence-based podcasts and articles written and delivered by our team of practicing clinical and educational psychologists providing psychological guidance on all areas of life including: effective parenting strategies, strategies for supporting wellbeing in the family, parenting teens, understanding neurodiversity, managing parental conflict and managing work and parenting demands etc.
Inclusive content for parents of children with diverse and additional needs such as neurodifference (for example; Autism, ADHD,DCD/Dyspraxia and genetic conditions etc)
Support for sleep with podcasts and soothing tools designed to help you slip into a restful sleep
We know that it’s best when the whole family is provided with access to psychological support and guidance. As this means everyone is developing or supporting their emotional literacy and understanding, coping skills, confidence and self-esteem. With that in mind we also developed separate platforms for teenagers (Insight: For Stress & Anxiety) and children (Insight Kids). All content on these is developed to match your child’s needs and age which allows everyone to develop a personalized path that works for them.